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Shamanic aura cleansing.

Shamanic aura cleansing.

Therapy that focuses on the deep cleansing of dense adhesions in the physical body through the ancestral technique of Shamanic Ovotherapy. 

A comprehensive discharge of the emotional, mental, and subtle bodies is performed, restoring the balance of the main energy centers.

The edge of the auric field is reinforced and sealed with protection, and a recipe for a discharge bath is provided after the session.

Includes feedback at the end of the therapy, detailing what was detected in each aspect and a message from the etheric oracle.

Tools used during the session:

✧ Therapeutic dowsing (pendulum)

✧ Ovotherapy (ancestral Shamanic cleansing with an egg)

✧ Natural tools for emotional discharge

✧ Gem therapy

✧ Smudging

✧ Sound Healing

✧ Etheric Oracle

Duration: 90 minutes.

Therapist: Lorena

Location: The Yoga Club Barcelona.

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