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Naïr is the founder of the Club and an instructor of Vinyasa, Children's Yoga and Yoga for pregnant women. He was born in Barcelona in 1992, and after several years traveling, he reconquered his hometown to share his learnings and his feelings.

Trained in India, Colombia and Barcelona, Naïr offers her own remix of her learnings, creating her own style and paying special attention to the well-being of each of her students.

Come to their classes to experience yoga from a therapeutic and comprehensive point of view. Through Vinyasa, its foundations and its flow, we learn to integrate this practice into our lives to nourish ourselves with its multiple physical, emotional, mental and energetic benefits.

In addition, it offers us an increasingly wide and varied range of physical-energetic therapies. Dare to try new things to further expand your soul towards the personal and spiritual growth you are looking for.

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