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Know us!

My name is Corina. I have been a massage therapist since 2004, since then I have not stopped exploring different tools to accompany each person in their valuable time of relaxation and reconnection with themselves.


I consider that our body is our temple. The body contains and manifests our entire energy field, even those emotions and thoughts that remain spinning inside us without expressing or managing. We are energy; Our thoughts and emotions are energies, which need movement and transformation.


Massage is an ancient and ancestral tool par excellence to heal. 

It was considered that people have the ability to heal themselves, but for this it is essential to allow ourselves those moments of connection with our being, to listen to ourselves, through breathing, introspection, and above all, to feel each part of our body, It contains a lot of information and memories that generally remain stagnant, generating ailments and/or rigidity.


In each massage, whether relaxing or relieving, I work combining different techniques: massage therapy, Thai, reiki, breathing; depending on the need and openness of each person at all times. 


Massage Therapist

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